Anosan Eco® Natural Vehicle Disinfection Faqs

What is being sprayed in my car?

A cool mist of our ANOSAN ECO® Natural Disinfection is circulated in your AC system and car interior, which is 99% water and less 1% salt. This solution is activated with our German technology to hold a patented charge which ruptures all bacteria, viruses, fungi & spores without promoting resistance; while being safe for multicellular beings like humans & animals. After disinfecting, what is left behind is pure water. 

Is it safe to leave things in the car such as my baby’s toys?

It is both safe and actually beneficial to leave toys which will be deodorized & disinfected in the process, with no toxic residues or chemicals, and is safe to inhale & ingest similarly to clean water. However, we prefer you remove all items that will cover a large surface area in the car as the solution will only work on all surfaces it touches. 

My car has special leather & technology, is this service safe?

ANOSAN ECO® is non-corrosive & non-staining, and will work on all special surfaces, leathers, & technology. We only request that if you have important papers lying around to put them away as they could be affected by the mist’s moisture. 

What can I expect from vehicle disinfection with ANOSAN ECO®?

Whatever state your car is in, there will be a very tangible improvement in air quality after disinfection & deodorization, that also cares for & prolongs the life of your AC compressor. Expect reduction or elimination of allergic reactions, headaches, shallow breathing, fatigue after driving, and other car related symptoms of poor air quality & mould. 

With that said, odors (including smoke) & mould that have accumulated deep in very old car seats will not be affected as well as better maintained cars and could take multiple services to achieve the same result in one session of a cleaner car. 

How often do I have to disinfect my car?

While cleaning & shining our cars is a part of car care we do frequently, it’s not nearly as important in terms of vehicle hygiene. The car AC is the worst air quality you will experience in your day and it is quite literally blowing in our faces, with commuters experiencing poor air quality for longer periods that both affects their well being every day. We recommend disinfecting once a week for the best hygiene, but even disinfecting less but consistently will provide a healthier environment than a non-disinfected car – and you will breathe the difference!

How is this different from other car disinfection services?

ANOSAN ECO® offers a non-residual & completely natural disinfection service in 5-10 minutes depending on your vehicle size, and will elongate your AC processor life while killing 99.995% of all bacteria, viruses, and fungi including mould.

ANOSAN ECO®’s ingredients make it completely safe to inhale & ingest, which sets it apart from many natural options in the market and with much higher specifications as a disinfectant & deodorizer. 

Where is this product from?

ANOSAN ECO® Natural Disinfection is a German patented product manufactured in the U.A.E by Ecabiotec Middle East Manufacturing LLC under license from German biotechnology developer Ecabiotec® AG. 

We are proud to be a locally manufactured product that is registered & tested against both international and local standards.

If this is a natural product, why is there a hint of chlorine in the first seconds after the service?

There is no chlorine being applied in the service, but Sodium Chloride (table salt) is from the same family as chlorine. Once it is electrochemically activated, this faint smell is left behind for a short period of time. This smell goes away fast and has no negative effects.

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